D’Rose consulting provides system integration service with wide range of IT products and appropriate consultation in order to accelerate costumer’s digitalization and bussiness

Our IT Products can be utilized anywhere. it covers from data entry of daily operations of sales, purchasing, accounting, etc. and to data transformation and analytics for monitoring all activities


UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes. It is used to automate boring repetitive tasks. It also eliminates the human intervention


WinActor is a complete RPA software which helps you to accelerate business efficiently and smoothly. It records business tasks as scenarios and automates your repetitive operations. WinActor will allow automation of repetitive operations on a computer without any particular programming skills.


An application platform that meets all your workflow business needs to be digital and easy to use. Enable to reduces paper work and time to manage the approval progress.


Azure Cloud Infrastructure supports traditional workloads and delivers modern cloud development tools. It is architected to detect and defend against modern threats, so you can innovate more. Combine low cost with high performance to lower your TCO.

Data Management

Data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for analytics and AI – without writing code – automating the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis

Bussiness Intelligence

Everything you need to deliver exceptional data experiences. Yellowfin simplifies the entire analytics workflow. From connecting to and preparing your data, to building dashboards and preparing management reports, Yellowfin has you covered.


LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses increase their closures, manage their pipelines, and attribute their ROI accurately and completely – to people, marketing activities, lead sources, products, and locations


Deskera is changing the way small and medium businesses from various industries operate. We made sure that all our solutions address all of your pain points – from accounting to inventory, to managing your employees and vendors.

Human Resource System

We offers Full package of Human Resource Administration System to fit your company needs with no hidden fee at all. HRZERO puts user-friendliness first. Clients are no longer burdened with complicated IT system.


With a code-free, low maintenance approach, Magic xpi integrates all of your business systems on the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid deployments so your company can maximize its opportunities. Integration Platform delivers enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions

Online Tax Platform

Manage Tax Online with Calculate, Deposit & Report Integratedly in one of Online Tax Applications. Do need to use several application to proceed all tax calculation.

Computer & Peripheral

We are HP Indonesia’s official Partner for Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Printers, Ink & Toners, Workstations, and Accessories! 

Firewall Protection & Devices

Fortinet provide various line of products that will secure your network environment. With flexibility for settings for any level of security.

Office & Productivity

Well known solution comes from Microsoft giving you best efficiency with high compatibility yet complete solution from Office, Web Meeting and many more